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May 22, 2015
by Alesia

Eurovision 2015 FINALS! from an American perspective


Semifinals are over and now you are wondering, “Who will win Eurovision 2015?” Now, I’m no expert, but these are my picks, and I think they are pretty informed. Who do you think will win?

My top 5 picks


So I love this song. I loved it the first time I heard it and when I saw Loïc take the stage I was in love. The choreography is tight and fitting. Loïc, was slightly pitchy that first night so I hope he gets that together for the final. Do I want to visit Belgium… truthfully, No, but this song is by far my favorite in the competition.

I know what you’re thinking, “Alesia, it’s a message song.” Like I said before, as long as it isn’t a lazy message song, I’m with it. What is a lazy message song? Basically, a lazy message song has horrible lyrics, bad vocals, cheesy choruses… But relies on the fact that it is saying something powerful to get brownie point. A lazy message song gets no brownies from me.


A trip to Italy would be really nice and with pros Il Volo at the helm, they are top in my books. Could they fall flat on their faces Saturday with Eastern Europe not giving them any points? Sure. How likely is it? Idk, because the Italian formula this year is tops.


Am I in love with the song? No. Do I think the song will compete well? Yes. Do I want to go back to Sweden? Hell Yeah! Look, this is about the performance. Honestly I think Melodifestevalen had some stronger contenders (imho). But here we are at the finals and my team (Sweden) is there so I gotta pull for them.

Let’s bring Eurovision back to Stockholm!


After the boo’ing last year Russia came back stronger than ever. Listen, Russia was boo’ed last year… More than once! Polina sounds and looks amazing. The staging is just right and honestly, Russia could pull in a win- IF the world wasn’t still so pissed off at Putin.

And really… Do we want to go to Russia next May? I don’t think so.


Will it be a “pity-win” maybe… Will Eurovision be in Australia next year? No. Thus, I think Australia could easily win. Look, I like the song and I don’t know how the live performance will go, but I’m a fan.

Honorable Mentions

Armenia: At first listen I really liked this song. After seeing the live performance I was more than underwhelmed but perhaps their friends will throw them a few 12 or 10 points.

Serbia: So, I hate this song, but at least it is upbeat. Serbia has not hosted and if it was all about “Ok, who is next up to host?” I’d go with Serbia… Not my personal favorite though.


But what do I know? I’m just a third-party not involved American 😉

May 21, 2015
by Alesia

Eurovision 2015 Semi-finals from an American Perspective (pt. 2)

So it is the last semi-final and the finale is in 2 days. Are you excited? I am. Well, I’m only  a little excited. What is with all of these slow songs. This is Eurovision 2015! It is the 60th anniversary can we get a little happy people. Slow song after slow song took the stage and at some point I think I actually went to sleep. I woke up to laugh at San Marino’s entry… #sorrynotsorry.

The contestants also seem to be very young. The nerves ended up getting the best of most of them. Eurovision is not for the faint at heart. So here is my take on the contestants from the second semi-final.

But hey! What do I know, I’m just a non involved outside party living in America with no way to vote. :-)


Montenegro- get the memo give me something upbeat.


Switzerland- Eh… not much to say

Norway- I don’t know how I feel about the song I think its really boring and I think they had a really strong contender last year so oh well guess I won’t be going to Norway next May…


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May 20, 2015
by Alesia

Eurovision 2015 Semi-finals from an American Perspective (pt. 1)

So this seems to be the year of the “message” song. Look, having music that “says something” is important, however… Let that chorus be weak, with a bad melody, and thin vocals… What you are saying is: I hope you’ll pick me because I’m saying something. Having music that has a positive message will get people to LIKE a song. Having a song with a positive message AND a killer melody AND a strong chorus will get people to LOVE your song.

I was happy to see that Vienna decided to have a person of color hosting. Real talk, that Kim K. Kanye in blackface incident was the icing on my cake of me not going to Vienna. The production seemed well organized and the hosts seemed more on script and schedule unlike the crew from last year. Sweden in 2013 is still in the lead as far as how the show itself was ran. 1 main host is key…

Take note Eurovision… 1 host is better. Conchita was great as the “Green Room Mom,” I loved it. But 3 ladies on the stage… Couldn’t we just pick 1?!

But you came here for my thoughts on the songs and performances, so here goes…

Semi finalists Night 1


Finland– So heavy metal rock is just not my thing. With that said, it could never be a “Love”. The song is also not in English… So I don’t know what they are saying. However, I can appreciate musicality and skill. The group is made up of men who all have learning disabilities- which is inspirational in itself.
F.Y.R Macedonia– Wake me up when this is over. Wait! You hired some bootleg Dru Hill members? Smh… Ima need you to hit up Robin Stjernberg, promptly and give him his riffs back, because you clearly don’t know how to manage them.
Belarus– That guy needs to teach homegirl from Serbia how to start off a song. It is kinda generic, but the vocals are on point. But this song is gettign downgraded from “Like” to “Eh”
Romania– Weak Vocals. Boring…
Armenia– So I loved this song… until they performed it live. What a bore. This went from love to “Eh,” that is saying something. Ugh, great vocals though…


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May 19, 2015
by Alesia

Eurovision 2015 In America!

It is that time of year again… It’s Eurovision TIME! Firstly, I am not European. I am American so if you don’t agree with me. Blame President Obama ;-). Look, I love Eurovision. I’m so glad I can use my blog to share my views about something I love so much! Doubt my love for this “musical hunger games”? Read this. If you are wondering why I care about Eurovision or need to be convinced as to why you should care too? Read this.

I planned to visit the Eurovision winner country this year, but upon finding out it’d be in Vienna, Austria… Idk. I think I’ll wait till next year :-P. I must confess that “Rise Like a Phoenix” was not my favorite song last year, but Conchita Wurst was by far my favorite performer. The song was boring and had it been sung by a woman wouldn’t have made any ripples past the semi-finals (sorry- it’s the truth), but who is going to vote 1 point to this—>

So here we are, a year later in Vienna. May your vocal chords be ever in your favor contestants!

Here is my forecast of Eurovision 2015 Pt.1 from an American perspective.


First Impression of the entries

WTF-  I don’t know, I just don’t like these songs at first listen



Eh- I don’t hate it, but I’m not in love. Plus, I’m a little bored

Finland- just not my thing

Boo- Bad… Just Badd…

San Marino
Czech republic

Like- I think I like these… I’m not in love. I’m in serious “like”.

The Netherlands

Love- My ears have just died and gone to heaven!

***Italy*** My Fave!!!

January 14, 2015
by Alesia

How society is slowing my maturity

1,300 a month to rent a 1 bedroom apartment!? Are utilities included? No.

I know my single 20-somethings feel my pain. The rent is too damn high, and it isn’t just in metropolitan areas. My mom made 60,000 a year in the late 80s as a clothing store manager; and I in 2014 with my college degree wouldn’t dream of making such an amount a year.

Shoulda gone to law-school… (But, I hear that profession is hurting too)

Millennials have been deemed as the cry-baby generation, and yet every time we try to exert some sense of independence and maturity we are swiftly knocked down by circumstances out of our control.

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