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August 28, 2014
by Alesia

To a Girl Who Was Once My Friend

As an only child I hold my friendships very close to me. My mother always said that Cancers hold a grudge. She told me that I don’t forgive people as easily as I should. Well, she is probably right.

I was privileged to have such a large group of girlfriends in college. As an only child I wanted to leave school with sisters, and I thought I did. Through a series of unfortunate events we have ended up in a strange place…

I believe in Girl Code, and the cardinal rule is: you don’t date/sleep with your friend’s exes! The rule is simple. It isn’t hard to follow. Not only is it hurtful, it is disgusting.  Like, it is actually gross.

What makes it worse is when other friends actually know about it… Leaving the victim in the dark.

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April 23, 2014
by Alesia

Gearing up for Eurovision 2014 in America

You’d probably think that I as an American I wouldn’t care about Eurovision. But, I think it is the greatest idea ever and super cool. It’s basically the Olympics meets X-Factor- so it’s my dream. It was created as a diplomatic endeavor to bring Europe together with music. I wish we had it in America I mean, that’s a competition I could actually participate in.

Although the the creation of the competition came from a good place, apparently their are still “politics” at play. The UK feels like the rest of Europe is still mad at them for helping out Bush (not the US, George Bush) in Iraq. For those people still mad, please get over it. This is a competition about music, like you’re punishing the songwriters and singers for a politician’s mistake? Puh leezzz.

This year is going to be interesting. I feel like the country’s are playing with different genres, from R&B to country; house music may be taking a back seat this year. Hopefully those who decided to take a slight risk will find themselves in the final. Here are this year’s entries categorized in my own special way.

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April 1, 2014
by Alesia

I’m a Black Catholic

Yes, I’m a Christian.
Yes, I like the pope.
Yes, I read The Bible.
Yes, I’ve been on a retreat.
Yes, I was baptized as a baby.
Yes, I listen to gospel music.
Yes, I’ve been to a baptist church.
Yes, I’m okay with people being gay.
Yes, I’m okay with birth control and abortion.

No, I was never told by any Catholic leaders that the above things were wrong to answer, “yes” to.

Guess what, I was raised Catholic- and I’m happy I was. Even now, there is no other religious ideology I identify with more than Catholicism. Look, I’m not saying that Catholicism is -the way the truth and the light for you. But, for me it is.

I grew up Catholic. My mother went to Catholic school up until college, and my grandmother attended Catholic school for high school. I attended Catholic school, from middle through high school. I attended church every Sunday and there was no question that on vacation, we were sure to find a Catholic church in the area. Before I delve in I wanted to make sure that you had some context with my upbringing.

The bulk of my family isn’t Catholic. My “family church” is actually a Baptist church. So every family reunion ended with us celebrating reunion at a Baptist church service. I’ve been to Jewish, Lutheran, Assemblies of God, Episcopal, and Protestant services. I had the privilege of studying different religions in my Catholic school, and the education was eye-opening. I’ve never felt pressured to practice  a certain faith by the Catholic leaders in my life.

So here is what prompted me to write this blog.

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February 14, 2014
by Alesia

Love Yourself for Valentine’s Day #MyVDay

I’ve spent New Year’s Eve “alone” the past… Well, a while. Similarly, Valentine’s Day has been a little, well lonely as well. For long time readers, you are well aware that my last boyfriend dumped me on Valentine’s Day. So V-Day and I got beef… The beef was intensified, yesterday when I found out that yet again my V-Day would be solo.

If you are able to spend this day with your someone special. Good for you, and stop reading this post! Just kidding. This year I’m giving myself some advice, and maybe it’ll work for you too.

1. Treat ‘Yoself’

Buy your self some flowers or some chocolates. Last, year I had a full Valentine’s gift for myself. No, I didn’t send myself flowers and pretend it came from someone else I bought it for myself, and owned it. It’s easy and I like chocolate…

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January 1, 2014
by Alesia

New Year’s New Tears

From the inception of this site I’ve set a goal to spend New Year’s with “someone special” A BOYFRIEND! So, about that goal… Yeah, I haven’t been successful in that endevor.


Looking back at this year, I did accomplish a lot. I fell in love. I got my heart broken. I finally started my career. I moved. I bought some expensive things (those who know me know that that is a BIG deal). I learned a lot about myself personally and professionally. I wouldn’t take this year back for anything, it has been amazing. Looking at 2014, love has got to be on the horizon and excelling in my new position is paramount. 
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