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January 14, 2015
by Alesia

How society is slowing my maturity

1,300 a month to rent a 1 bedroom apartment!? Are utilities included? No.

I know my single 20-somethings feel my pain. The rent is too damn high, and it isn’t just in metropolitan areas. My mom made 60,000 a year in the late 80s as a clothing store manager; and I in 2014 with my college degree wouldn’t dream of making such an amount a year.

Shoulda gone to law-school… (But, I hear that profession is hurting too)

Millennials have been deemed as the cry-baby generation, and yet every time we try to exert some sense of independence and maturity we are swiftly knocked down by circumstances out of our control.

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November 19, 2014
by Alesia

Getting high on your own supply

Wake up… you’re getting high on your own supply.


I love this song and it came out right around the time I was breaking up with my ex. Beautiful thing is he came to the concert with me and heard this song in beautiful symphonic fashion :-)… Love Phantogram, did I tell you I met them? Yeah, I did. That’s a story for another day, time, and setting…

Look, I’m not the humblest person in the world- SHOCKER. However, I definitely give thanks and gratitude to those who have made me who I am. Plus- I’m not even that big of a deal to get high off myself- truly. So as I get older I’ve been in a variety of settings, both unprofessional and professional.

Look, there are a few MoFos out here that need to promptly hop off themselves and take a wiff of reality. Who in the hell do they think they are?! Kanye West?!

Side note: I know we are supposed to be mad at Kanye for being so conceited, but guess what?! HE’S KANYE FREAKING WEST!!! Do you have multiple platinum records? Are you married to one of the world’s most beautiful women? Can you somehow say whatever you want with little to no consequences… Yeah I didn’t think so… lol #Calm down I’m joking*

I know a girl who thinks she’s way hotter than what she is… #YeahISaidIt. I like her, she is nice to me. She is even pretty fun, but Lord… This girls is walking around like she’s Beyonce. No, there is nothing wrong with confidence. Confidence is something to be admired, but a tiny dose of reality can be in order.

I worked with this guy who thought he was… Idk. Ryan Secrest or something? He treated people so poorly. I would say “hello” to no response. My smiles were met with blank stares and mockery. I hadn’t felt that much like trash since high school. The entire environment felt like high school. Silly me to think that people would leave bullying, exclusion, and gossip behind at HS graduation. But, it’s true what they say, “some people never grown up.” Continue Reading →

November 13, 2014
by Alesia

15 Reasons Why Americans should care about Eurovision

1. Because it has nothing to do with us.

America is expected to weigh in on a lot of serious things- war, policy, trade… etc. This is one of the few things we can just sit back and enjoy.

2. It is a unique form of diplomacy with music and nothing athletic at all.

Ok, other than fierce choreography to die for, the sports are nowhere to be found! Look, I love watching the Olympics, but what is curling? Really… What is curling? Yes, I root for the US in the Olympics, but blindly. I know a good song (I think), vocalist, and performance. This is the perfect competition… In my eyes!

3. American Idol is dead.

Let’s face it. AI is over. The winners aren’t topping the charts and the auditions aren’t even funny anymore…

4. Google Chrome will let you stream it

For years Americans could use the fact that it isn’t broadcasted here as an excuse to know nothing about it. But with performances like this, you can’t be in the dark:

Social media and Google Chrome have allowed us to take part in the most visually stimulating competition ever.

5. What are you really doing Saturday afternoon.

Chances are the final show will be broadcasted between 2-4pm EST on a Saturday or Friday. I don’t know about you but that’s generally the time I’m either prepping (aka napping) for my Saturday night out or looking for a reason to leave work early .

6. It’s pretty historic.

Not knowing the ends and outs of European history is fine… If you were functioning in society 25 years ago. That simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Our global economy and society simply doesn’t allow us to be “in the dark”.

7. Our romanticizing of Europe will become a bit more balanced.

You know how we think Europe is this place filled with really well-dressed, good looking, super posh people. Well, they have their “unique” citizens too.

8. Silly/Parody songs are not stuck in the 90s.

Remember when parody songs (ala Weird Al Yankovic) were everywhere- even the music charts! Well,  you can get your fill with Eurovision!

9. It’s a bit groundbreaking…

Have we had an openly gay American Idol winner? I don’t think so… AI and other singing competitions have come under fire for racism. Now Eurovision is still pretty “white,” but it is pretty progressive on the sexuality front.

10. Drinking Games abound!

Looking for the perfect pregame? Here are a few while you watch ESC:
Drink 1 shot every time someone singles in their native language (doesn’t happen too much)
Drink when someone wears sequins
Drink 2 shots for duets
Drink every time someone says love
Drink every time a dancer or performer shimmys
Drink everytime someone points at the audience or camera

11. This is who won last year.

To really “stick it” to homophobic Olympic hosts Russia… Europe let Conchita Wurst win and it was EPIC.

12. Fun for all ages

The participants range from 18-88. They even have a version for kids called the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which is going down right now in Malta… It’s a good time for all!

13. So many different genres!

When did of music competition shows turn into the country artist vs. the rocker? No pop, no R&B, no Hip-Hop. Eurovision has it all- Yes, even rapping females from Poland.

14. The participants are generally “newer/up and coming” artists and are really down to earth.

Eurovision is acting as the “big break” from many aspiring  performers. Some countries have preliminary contests before the official ESC. Ace Wilder is one of those past ESC hopefuls (from Sweden), and she is AMAZING!

15. There’s actually good talent being showcased

Eurovision is probably most famous for introducing ABBA to the world. Now, I love ABBA, but they’ve also showcased some real talent in recent years. I am absolutely obsessed with Loreen. I love her with everything in me and it is because she’s super talented and a pretty awesome woman.

Full Disclosure: If I could have done this whole blog with Loreen Gifs… I would.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Vienna, Austria at the Wiener Stadhalle May 23, 2015.

P.S. Check out my interview with Ace Wilder.

October 29, 2014
by Alesia

It’s Your Fault the Relationship Did Not Work

“It’s your fault…”

“It is…??”

“When was the last time you’ve have a successful relationship?”


“Precisely, the common denominator is you.”

Have you had this conversation in your head? I sure have. What am I doing wrong? What am I saying? How am I picking the wrong people? 

Truth is, I haven’t been in a serious relationship in years. Hence why this blog has been collecting a few dust bunnies and cobwebs. I was dating someone for about 3 years with no title. Yeah… What a waste of time. Well now that that has imploded I can really place a reflective eye over the situation.

1. Dating the unavailable

When someone shows you themselves, believe them. This is my mantra, but it is slightly flawed. Flawed because people lie… However, if someone makes themselves unavailable and can’t seem to make quality time for you don’t make excuses for them… They aren’t unavailable. They’re just unavailable to YOU. Continue Reading →

October 22, 2014
by Alesia

5 Reasons why you should participate in cuffin season

Cuffin Season 2014

It’s that wonderful time of year when fall fashion is on the streets. You aren’t sweating out your perm or blow-out on the way to work. DC street cleaning is about to be over. Pineapples and grapes are in season. Oh! And cuffin season is here!

This is that magical time of year when even the biggest commitmentphobe you know is ferociously on the prowl for someone to spend the chilly nights together, someone to sleep in with Sunday mornings, and a person to link up with for take-out on lazy snow days.

I’d like to fashion myself as a relationship girl, but with 5 solid years of non exclusive dating under my belt, it is becoming harder to make that case.

Cuffin season is a relatively new thing in the dating scene and I’d say it was birthed around 2008 after the economic crisis. It spread like wildlfire after the historic #Snowpocalypse in 2010 and cemented last year with the #polarvortex. Commitmentphobes found themselves looking for companionship while their relationship obsessed friends hibernated until spring. With the bars dead and clubs all but abandoned, what’s a single person to do. Netflix is an option, but you can’t have sex with Netflix and it won’t keep you warm at night. Something had to be done…

Cuffin season was birthed! A short description of cuffin season would be this:

When it starts getting cold outside. Single people start to pair up and begin to bond. This bond is relatively tight until about February and then slows to a full stop by April (when the weather becomes warmer).

Now that you know what Cuffin Season is and it’s history, let’s examine why you should participate.

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